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Legend Of The Blue Sea Season 2: When Korea’s Drama Sequel About To Happen?

Here is all the information that a fan of Legend Of The Blue Sea needs to know about its second season!

As all the people who love the series, Legend of the Blue Sea, know that it is a television drama show which has taken place in South Korea. It has been written by Park Ji Eun, while the task of directing it was served by Jinhyuk as well as Park Seon Ho.

The tale of the series has been inspired by a classic Joseon legend, which comes from the first collection of official historical stories of Korea. It is the first collection. The tale throws the entire spotlight on the story of a con artist who happens to find a mermaid. This little princess of the ocean travels half the world to be with him.

Here is what the story of Legend Of The Blue Sea is all about!

In this series, all the fans can witness two parallel stories to be happening at the same point in time. The first one is based on the Joseon era while its other part and the second one is in the present era. The tale of this story explores love across the time and it is done in the form of reincarnations. After the first installment of Legend of the Blue Sea has proven itself to be a success, many have been wondering if there is ever going to be a second season of this epic show or not.

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Well, if we go on and try to talk about a potential release date of the second installment of Legend of the Blue Sea season 2, then there is none. All we can do right now is decipher what we can predict about it. The first installment of Legend of the Blue Sea came out on the 16th of November, 2016, and then later on the 25th of January, it concluded with 20 episodes while also airing a special episode extra.

When might the confirmed second season of Legend Of The Blue Sea will release?

Because it had talented cast and crew members, the viewership rates of the show went soaring high. Well, we all know that there were a million speculations going on about a second season and there also were rumors that the project is getting temporarily shelved.

All this while, no one knows anything about the second season of Legend of the Blue Sea. And even if the show starts the filming process right now, there is no chance to see it until 2022.

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