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Kristen Stewart Reveals What It Was Like To Film ‘Underwater’

January seems to be a good time for horror movies that don’t find a place in the early autumn. We had the new release of The Grudge last weekend, which this weekend gives us an underwater deep-sea fright, a film that shows us star Krist Stewart like we never saw her before, almost without hair.

Although Stewart’s ‘do’ is often relatively short, her head in Underwater is almost absolutely shaken. The actress described her hair as “dope” because she seemed to want her hair to be cut, and the movie excused her because the guy had every justification of bubbling her head.

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Kristen Stewart’s Character In Underwater

Kristen Stewart’s underwater character is called Nora Price, and her mechanical engineer is working seven miles below the surface of the sea on a deep-sea oil project. While the film never tells you how far the team has gone, the trailer says the crew is down a month at a time. It means that life on the bottom of the ocean can be a bit brutal. The style options, therefore, make some sense. Will you fill your little suitcase with plenty of hair styling products?

Kristen Stewart said that her character was very realistic. One of these practical decisions is to cut her hair short. You really won’t want to think about your hair if you have been in such a close undersea area for long periods. You can imagine that her hair was even shorter when she first came down, depending on how long Nora was there.

It was possibly also a practical decision for the film. Underwater characters spend a significant part of the film wearing large diving suits, and one of those wearing long hair looks like it is a nightmare. Once you wear the mask, you can’t just sweep it out of your hair.

Like Kristen Stewart also says, the hair may also be a sign of Nora’s evolution. We see photos of her at Underwater that indicate that her buzz cut wasn’t permanent. It shows her character and her past, which is revealed in the film.

While The Grudge was not present last weekend to a broad audience, perhaps a horror movie with another setting and Kristen Stewart in the lead will be more what the public is looking for.

Kristen Stewart’s Experience While Filming “Underwater”

To Kristen Stewart, filming “Underwater” was not an easy feat.

Stewart and her co-stars spent most of their time shooting the 100 lb Science Fiction Flick in the water. Scuba suits— a mission for which none has been trained.

It was so terrifying that Stewart was preparing for it. On the other side, when Jessica Henwick and John Gallagher Jr. arrived in New Orleans, they took scuba tube lessons to film the movie.

Synopsis Of Underwater

“Underwater” follows a group of researchers stationed in an underwater research facility, which, after a devastating earthquake, are trapped in a flooding structure. The only way to survive is through the ocean to a distant, abandoned platform, and as they travel, they soon realize that they are hunted by gigantic alien monsters determined to kill them.

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