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Kim Kardashian Spills Beans On Kanye West’s Presidential Plans

Here is how Kim Kardashian West supported her husband for the presidency run!

Well, at this point, who is not aware of the scandals of the Kardashian family and given how famous they are, fans generally tend to follow them. As of right now, Kim Kardashian, the wife of rapper Kanye West, has come forward to make an official statement.

On her social media platforms, Kim Kardashian West has campaigned about all the support to her husband for becoming a president. Just a day or two ago, this Hip-hop singer has revealed that he is running for the elections for the President of the United States. On a story update on her personal Instagram handle, Kim Kardashian vested all her support in her husband and his decisions.

Here is how Kim supported her husband, Kanye West!

Kim went on to share the screenshot of the same tweet that Kanye West shared on Twitter informing his fans that he is going to run for the post of President of the United States of America. His wife posted the same text on her story without adding anything on top of it.

Kim Kardashian extends support to Kanye West on running for US ...


Kanye tweeted that everyone must now realize the promise which was made to America by trusting God and uniting all their visions while also building the future of every man. He then blankly stated that he is going to run for the post of the United States. At the end of this sentence, he added an emoticon of the American flag along with a hashtag that said 2020 Vision.

Even Elon Musk supported Kanye West, and here is what he said!

Not only Kim Kardashian but Elon Musk, a billionaire as well as the CEO of Tesla Inc. also supported his decision. He replied to Kanye’s tweet, saying that he has his full support. Elon is also the CEO of Space X. This was done soon after the topic became too viral on Twitter.

Kanye has been trying to get this post for so long that people have lost count. Back in November of 2016, Kanye had confirmed the news of him running for the presidency when he was at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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