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Keanu Reeves’ Constantine And Eiza Gonzalez’s Zatana In A Viral Fan Art

Another work of fan craftsmanship imagines Eiza Gonzalez as the nominal leader of a Zatanna movie – and brings back Constantine’s Keanu Reeves for the imagined DCEU adventure. Made by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson, Zatanna Zatara made her presentation in Hawkman #4 back in 1964.

Keanu Reeves Returns As John Constantine In The DCEU

Because of a common retcon of their pasts, Zatanna shares a dear fellowship with Bruce Wayne (otherwise known as Batman). In any case, her most mainstream dynamic is that of her common relationship with individual performer John Constantine.

Keanu Reeves' Constantine Joins Eiza Gonzalez as Zatanna in Fan Art
Source: Screen Rant

His relationship with Zatanna assisted with intersection the steams and bring him much of the time into the fundamental DC Comics progressions. Reeves assumed the job in the 2005 true to life excursion. The film was generally pummeled by pundits and just delighted in an unobtrusive return in the cinematic world.

Gonzalez To Play Zatanna Role In Full Outfit

Gonzalez as Zatanna in full outfit. Utilizing her forces to suspend, she is likewise encircled by a variety of things, belying her ability to entertain and aptitudes as a phase entertainer. As though that wasn’t sufficient, Bosslogic likewise remembered a picture of Reeves’ Constantine for the foundation close by her – imitating the symbolism of a romantic comedy banner.

Other Updates

Reeves recently communicated a longing to play Constantine once more. As of late, bits of gossip have risen that he may even be in the racing to do as such. He isn’t the primary rendition of Constantine out there, in any case. Matt Ryan played John Constantine on a short-lived NBC series and for different seasons on Legends of Tomorrow.

Ryan even recently expressed enthusiasm for seeing his Constantine encounter Zatanna. Whomever fans consider to be the quintessential Constantine – or want to see play Zatanna – one thing is without a doubt: the new bit of artistry will just expand the discussion and energy for a Zatanna movie set inside the DCEU.

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