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Katy Perry Postpones Album Release Due To Pregnancy

Did Katy Perry’s album release gets postponed? What are the recent updates? Here’s everything we know about the release of Pop singer Katy Perry’s upcoming album.

Katy Perry’s next album postponed!

Singer Katy Perry’s pregnancy has delayed the upcoming album ‘Smile’. The album has been delayed for two weeks. Katy perry’s upcoming album Smile was set to release on August 14, but now that the singer is expecting her first child, it will now be released on August 28. Perry’s long-awaited album is delayed as the dates of the release of the upcoming album and the birth of her first child may conflict.

But Perry will continue to entertain her fans through her new upcoming web series “Smile Sunday.” She announced her new web series Smile Sunday in which she will have a conversation with their fans about their upcoming album every Sunday for the delayed album, and until the album is released, or until their baby is born.

Katy Perry's fifth album Smile - and wedding - to be delayed ...
source: Daily Mail

Perry is having her first child!

Katy Perry is having her first child and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first child with her husband fiancé Orlando Bloom. The upcoming album Smile of Perry was expected to release on August 14 but has been forced to delay.

Perry also postponed her marriage for the third time!

Orlando and Perry were set to get married in 2019 but were forced to return it to Japan this summer and the global Coronavirus epidemic postponed it again. She is seen having fun in the promo video, dressed in a full clown costume, as well as showing off her tummy as she jumps across the track excitedly.

Embracing the entertainment of her inner children, the bizarre video shows Katy sniffing out a white background as she cleans her huge set of teeth and spreads her smile with her hands. The song is to promote their new album Smile, which will end on August 14, also around its expiration date.

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