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Kansas Toddler Brutally Killed By Father, Thrown Near Walking Trail

A father killed her toddler girl and dumped her roadside

According to a recently released statement, Kansas police found a child dead earlier this month, was subjected to excruciating abuse before she died.

The father and his girlfriend is taken into custody

Howard Jansen III, who was identified as the father of 3-year-old girl Olivia Jansen, was arrested for first-degree murder, which exacerbated the threat to the child and the desecration of the body. Police also arrested his girlfriend Jacqueline Kirkpatrick on the same charges.

Authorities discovered that Olivia died on July 10, hours after Jansen went to the police station to report her disappearance. Jansen arrived at the station around 8:30 am and told the authorities that he had last seen Olivia sleep on the couch at her friend’s house in Kansas City, near Gibbs Road, at 6:00 pm. the night before.

Jansen kept on making stories during the investigation

Jansen would later change his story and said he had last seen his daughter around 11 pm. the previous night.

Investigators found the girl’s body in a shallow grave in a wooded area along a hiking trail just nine blocks from the Gibbs Road home. It was covered in mud and sticks.

Autopsy reports revealed that Olivia had severe injuries

Sources reported that, according to the affidavit, the autopsy report showed that Olivia had a cut in the back of her head and “significant bleeding in the back of her head”. Cerebral hemorrhage eventually resulted in the death of the baby.

According to the affidavit, Olivia also suffered severe bruising on her face, hands and feet, and other injuries consistent with the ongoing child abuse.

Earlier this month, Olivia’s grandmother, Elizabeth Jansen, told that she had last seen the baby in March. Olivia reportedly did not want to go home and wanted her grandparents to reassure her that she could return to them.

Elizabeth added that although they contacted the DCF, nobody separated Olivia from her father’s care. Records indicate that the police were at Olivia’s home at least five times before her death.

Charges for the crime

Olivia’s biological mother is currently in custody on other charges. Both Wiggins and Kirkpatrick remain behind bars, worth $ 500,000 each.

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