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K-Drama ‘Hospital Playlist’: Is Season 2 Coming? Cancelled Or Not?

The second installment of the series after ‘Prison Playbook’, ‘Prison Playbook’ is currently airing on TVN in Korea. The series features screenwriter Lee Woo Jung’s second collaboration with director Shin Won Ho, who previously worked on the series together, namely ‘North 1997’, ‘North 1994’, and ‘North 1988’, which airs on TVN Fuen transmitted.

Produced and written respectively by Lee Myung-Han and Lee Woo-Jung, the series is directed by Shin Won-ho, the show comes under the production company of Aig and CJ ENM with TVJ and Netflix, which is part of the show.

The renewal status of the Hospital Playlist season 2:

With such statistics, perhaps the crazy creator does not rule out making the new year. There is a season in the performance of the show. The season is expected to launch in March 2022, but these details have yet to be officially confirmed. A Hankyung website has claimed that the series can be released in 2021. Therefore, fans may have to wait a year for the show to return.

When we are going to see the second season?

Season 1 of ‘Hospital PlayList’ premiered globally on March 13, 2020, on Netflix. It ended its 12th episode on May 29, 2020. Season 1 aired on TVN in Korea from March 12, 2020, to May 28, 2020. Although the production team has yet to renew the show for its second edition, Season 2 is confirmed to be underway.

Hospital Playlist Season 2: Is it coming or is cancelled? What are ...
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The expected storyline of season 2:

Mainly established at Yulje Medical Center, the Korean medical drama consists of five doctors who became friends for the first time when they entered medical school in 1999. Now that each of them is about to turn 40, the destiny returns to work together. The same hospital Although time has changed everything and the lifestyles of each person are different from each other, their friendship and love remain constant. The show’s story is punctual and focuses more on the theme of friendship than love.

We will update it over time for more information. Be sure to watch episodes of the series on Netflix or TVN.

The cast members we can see in season 2:

  • Jo Jung Suk
  • Jung Kyung Ho
  • Yo Yeon Seok
  • Jeon Mi Do
  • Kim Dae Myung
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