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Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel On The Road Together Again

At the end of November last year, Justin Timberlake was found a little cozy with his co-star Alisha Wainwright after an evening of her upcoming Palmer film. The pictures showed the two hands holding and touching subtly. Justin first disregarded the media storm, but later went on Instagram to give his wife Jessica Biel a public apology.

Since the events took place, Justin has stayed very small, and in a while, the husband and wife couple were not seen together. Yet Justin recently took Instagram to express his love in the comments section of his mom. Now, The Sun has got pictures and videos of Justin and Jessica enjoying a beautiful night together.

The two dined at Los Angeles’ Hotel Bel-Air, reports confirmed that they had laughed and enjoyed their meal together, which seemed to be entirely in love and comfort.

Along his way to redemption, Justin and Jessica have passed his mistake since the scandal broke. “I feel awful that this was the case and that the public scrutinized Jessica,” a source revealed previously, “He knows that she deserves nothing of it and he messed up.”

Timberlake’s Apology

Last month, Timberlake made a public apology on his Instagram account to apologize for the fact that after news about his 30-year-old sighting with Wainwright, Biel, who married him in 2012, and with whom he shares Silas, son of 4 years.

Wainwright, 30, whose representative previously stated that the romance rumors were “not valid,” returned shortly after the scandal to work on the Palmer next to Timberlake.

Another source said Biel would probably preserve his family in the midst of the controversy and continue to live.

Relationship Timeline Of Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel

Here’s the timeline of the relationship between the pairs when they met with every breakup and milestone.

Early 2007

The first two met at Timberlake’s birthday party. Timberlake went on to call Biel and ask her. She said, indeed. Reports told Timberlake that they were “special friends” at the end of January 2007 after being spotted together on snowboarding.

May 2007

The couple goes public with their photos shared online.

September 2007

Timberlake tells Oprah Winfrey that he dates someone who “smells good” and gets “really cute.”

January 2010

Biel opens his relationship and calls it “the most valuable thing I’ve got in my life.”

March 2011

With representatives telling that the pair splits, “The two remain friends and maintain the highest degree of love and respect for one another.”

July 2011

Tacos and cycling trips will reconcile Biel and Timberlake. Media outlets say that together they’re gone.

December 2011

Timberlake and Biel get engaged.

October 2012

Both tie the knot in the Italian landscape during an intimate ceremony.

April 2015

Their first child, Silas Randall, has been embraced by Biel and Timberlake.

October 2019

The matching pair of Halloween costumes are viral.

November 2019

The Internet breaks after Timberlake’s photos appear to become comfortable with actor Alisha Wainwright. However, which included other cast and crew members from the film they are working on, had been innocent from several sources.

December 2019

For the first time, Timberlake mentions the allegations.

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