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Justin Timberlake ambushed outside Louis Vuitton shows in Paris Fashion Week

The concluding afternoon of Paris Fashion Week has been plagued by various pranksters, such as infamous actress harasser Vitalii Sediuk, that took aim in Justin Timberlake.

Since Timberlake arrived in the Louis Vuitton series with spouse Jessica Biel on Tuesday afternoon, Sediuk jumped from the audience and attempted to handle the singer by catching hold of his ankle. A bewildered Biel held her husband’s hand as collateral freed Timberlake and hauled Sediuk away.

Timberlake’s rep declined to comment on the episode.

This was the next plank of this afternoon. In the Chanel show before, an audience member softly linked variations making their way down the catwalk during the show’s finale. The girl’s antics were cut by Gigi Hadid, who escorted the runway crasher away.

Hadid has had her very own run-in with Sediuk, that regularly makes headlines for attacking celebrities at film premieres, fashion shows and other star-studded occasions.

In 2016, Sediuk grabbed Hadid from behind and picked up her on The roads of Milan after a style show. Hadid elbowed him in the face, yelling, “Let go of me. Who’s (expletive) are you?”

That exact same year, he tried to kiss Kim Kardashian West’s buttocks through Paris Fashion Week. Luckily, her bodyguard managed to obstruct Sediuk’s progress.

In 2014, Sediuk hugged Bradley Cooper’s crotch in the Screen Actors Guild awards in Los Angeles. He did exactly the Exact Same thing to Leonardo DiCaprio in the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Months Afterwards, he attempted to creep beneath America Ferrera’s dress in the”How to Train Your Dragon 2″ premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and hit Brad Pitt in the”Maleficent” premiere in Los Angeles.

Sediuk’s harassing goes all of the way back to 2012, where he attempted to kiss Will Smith about the lips in the Moscow premiere of”Men in Black .” Smith slapped him.

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