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Justice League: Zack Snyder Posted An Image Of Supervillain Darkseid

Fans’ joy knew no bound when HBO finally heard all the online voices raised by fans online through a campaign. It was just recently that HBO announced that they will release the Zack Snyder ’s cut of Justice League.

Zack Snyder Revealed An Exclusive New Look Of The Supervillain. Have a Look.

Zack Snyder decided to increase the overall excitement and hype and made an even bigger revelation by teasing a new villain for his recut version of the Justice League. The director has recently released the first look of the villain via his Twitter account. Take a look at the picture of the antagonist in the unseen cut of the film.

Ray Potter Was Initially Expected To Play The Role Of The Supervillain!

Actor Ray Porter was originally expected to play the supervillain in segments of the Justice League that went unused in the film’s final cut. No additional details have been provided on how Darkseid will function in this new narrative of the Justice League. Ciarán Hinds eventually played Steppenwolf, the main antagonist of the theatrically-released version of the film. Due to the sudden change including that of the director, this cut of the film remained unseen by fans. HBO Max will stream the film.

Fans after watching the final released film noticed that many scenes that were visible in the trailer were not visible in the final cut. That is when fans started an online petition to release the #ZackSnyder cut of the film.

HBO Will Release The Zack Snyder Cut Of Justice League On Their Streaming Service.

After Zack had to leave the project midway back in 2016 due to a sudden family tragedy, Warner Bros. soon hired director Joss Whedon to get the project done through the finish line that included a series of reshoots. So now thanks to HBO, we can watch the Snyder ’a cut on their new streaming service, HBO Max. So finally fans will be able to join the missing dots that gave rise to the online campaign in the first place. With all the answers at the place, the cut version will be available to fans.

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