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Jordan Calls On Netflix To Ban Controversial Drama Series Messiah

Netflix has just been criticized for releasing a unique feature featuring a gay Jesus and a weed-smoking Mary and now another of its originals, which tackles religion. Messiah is in danger of being banned in Jordan after Netflix was requested by its Royal Film Commission not to release that in the country.

The request which was circulated in advance of Messiah’s publication in Jordan read that the RFC asked Netflix to refrain from showcasing the Jordan show. A representative from Netflix answered that a formal legal request for the removal of the Messiah from Netflix’s country version had not yet been issued.

What Did Netflix Have To Say About Messiah?

A representative from Netflix added that the show is not based upon any one particular character, figure, or religion. It is all fictional work. All Netflix displays ratings and information to help Members decide what is right for them and their families.

The situation is unusual because parts of the Messiah were filmed in Jordan. The Royal Film Commission initially supported the filming of the script, and it was reported that before granting a tax credit, authorities had viewed episode synopses enabling shooting in the region. It seems that the RFC was initially with Messiah on board, but has changed its tune ever since.

What Is Netflix’s Messiah About?

Messiah is a man who takes excellent care by public actions and soon attracts some people’s attention in high places. The show is controversial for every faith since this fictive prophet contradicts many major religions’ modern beliefs. Also, some people have questioned the critical character called “Al-Masih,” which is Arabic as “The Messiah.” Others have raised concerns over the shooting of the show on grounds deemed sacred, such as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Will Messiah Release In Jordan?

The Messiah is currently available in the U.S., but the status of the series on Netflix in Jordan is not known. If Netflix does, the situation has prompted the Royal Film Commission to take a closer look at what projects it has accepted and may jeopardize the production of future projects there. If the content filmed conflicts with Jordanian law, it is likely to be broken.

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