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Joker 2: So Will We Get The Second Part For This Movie, Here’s Every Possibility And Updates

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker doesn’t make a sequel, but if it does, what is it about and when will it hit theatres? The discussion of a sequel is premature now. But with the Joker now well in theatres, it may be only a matter of time before they become more realistic.

Joke 2 is opened for a sequel!

With the Joker’s initial reaction and possible prize controversy, there will certainly be interest from WB and DC for Phillips and Phoenix to make another movie again.

Surprisingly, Phillips has already stated that he is open to sequels, but with some contingencies. He doesn’t think he and Phoenix are having trouble finding an interesting next chapter, but they’ll only consider whether Phoenix is ​​on board.

As you have hesitated in the past to franchise, there is no conclusion on this point. Also, Phillips has clarified that when he’s ready to make a sequel, he currently has no plans for one. It puts a clown sequel in a unique place where it happens whether or not it depends on financial success or the prize.

The ideas for a sequel can be dispelled, the Joker does not naturally prepare for another story. The movie serves as a clean origin story for Joker in the first place.

Although a universe is created through the inclusion of the Wayne family. They are there to help Arthur’s story in a big way, without establishing a future conflict between the Joker and a boy who one day becomes Batman.

Joker 2: Release Date

If Joker 2 is announced, it could be a quick turnaround. WB and DC want the sequel to be ready to cash in on the success and dialogue soon, while Phillips and Phoenix may be eager to get back into the story for possibly a definitive ending. Phillips’ handling of the Joker was just over two years after the initial announcement of the film’s release, so a similar time frame could apply to a possible sequel. In that case, Joker 2 could hit 2021.

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