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Joker 2: Release Date Of The DC Movie And Other Major Updates

Joker was one of the most successful movies of 2019. Joker has endured an accessible theatrical experience, despite –or perhaps because of –the wild controversy about the brutality of the movie and its position in modern pop culture. Lost in the debate was the usual talk of seeing Joaquin Phoenix in a Joker series as Arthur Fleck.

There have been rumors about the development of Joker 2. There has also been in a talk that Phillips will return as a director with Scott Silver, who has also been operating on the original movie.

Release Date Of Joker 2

There is no exact release date of Joker 2 as there is no official announcement about the Joker 2, and we have to wait for the announcement of Joker 2.

Joker 2: Release Date
Source: The Digital Weekly

Cast Of Joker 2

DC is currently tied with Phoenix sequel options. As Joaquin Phoenix has won Oscar this year, Warner Bros’s hope to strike gold twice, and it is not surprising.

There is no official announcement of the cast details yet, but we will be happy to update the cast details when they announced it officially.

Plot Details Of Joker 2

Where this series is going, it looks a bit uncertain as, at the end of Joker, Arthur was locked up and completed his transformation into the eponymous villain.

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The final scene of the movie shows Arthur caught in Arkham State Hospital, presumably arrested after the police ended the riots that hit Gotham City. The last scene in the movie was to dance down the hospital hallway, leaving red marks in his wake.

There is now, of course, space for a sequel, as Arthur–or Joker, as he asks Murray to name him–remains alive, and the possibility of his being fired out of the hospital is always there.

It seems like a very comic book movie, though, and would suggest out of place in Todd Phillips ‘ universe. We do not even know with certainty that Bruce Wayne must grow up in this particular world to avenge his parents.

One potential way fan might expect the sequel is to explore Arthur’s relationship with his possibly orphaned step-brother, Bruce Wayne. But if this is the intention of Phillips, it still has to be a Joker-rooted film. Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson are already investigating Batman’s history.

In comparison to the earlier Batman movies or the Dark Knight’s Joker, Arthur does not appear to devise a filthy master plan. His performances are guided by emotion, and he observes just Murray, as his talk-show host is obsessed.

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