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JoJo Rabbit: Can There Be A Sequel?

Jojo Rabbit is finally heading towards the 2020 Oscars with six nominations. The creators of Jojo Rabbit should prepare the production team for another film as it’s a sequel. This American comedy and drama movie is based on Christine Leunens’s novel Charging Skies. In the film, Roman Griffin Davis played the role of Johannes Jojo Betzler.

Highlights of the movie

It is not a matter of skepticism while hearing that the movie was subjected to intense persecution of the Jews during the Nazi era under Adolf Hitler. The way director of the film Taika Waitti has been able to display the part of the history of humanity that even today, the others will step back to talk about.

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Will Jojo Rabbit have a sequel

The fans are waiting for more such movies from the creators of Jojo Rabbit. This film won the top prize at the Toronto International film festival. This movie has been chosen by the National Board of Review and the American Film Institute as one of the ten best movies of the year. This movie was also in the running of the Best Motion Picture at the even of 77th Golden Globe Awards.

It would be a pleasure for the fans who have been loving the moments of this film to see a sequel to this movie. The movie Jojo Rabbit has already achieved so much, and it should not be stopped with such a future ahead. Although there is no such news about the sequel, the fans of the movie are still hoping for the next part.

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