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Jay Oliva Revealed Production On The Upcoming Zack Snyder’s Norse Anime Series Is Ongoing

Here is what we know about the new animated project called Norse supposedly in work at Netflix!

Well, well, well, new news has been confirmed by Jay Olivia that the upcoming anime series on the streaming giant Netflix is based completely on the mythology of Norse. He is co-directing this anticipating project along with his partner Zack Snyder whom he has been working with for a long period.

He has confirmed that this project has already been put under the process of production. This upcoming animated show is going to be the second to come out from the animation studio of Olivia called Lex and Otis after the delayed-release of another series called Trese.

Here is what our crew of Norse, the upcoming series on Netflix, looks like!

This is just another original animated feature series on the streaming service provider whose plot has been adapted from the comics, which have been penned down by a Filipino writer as well as Budjette Tan, and the artwork has been done excellently by Kajo Baldisimo.

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It was just last July that it was announced by Netflix that the Norse series is conducting a campaign to create more original animated series is going to collude with Zack Snyder who will serve at the post of the executive producer while Olivia is going to be present on the board in the form of a director as well as showrunner.

Here is what we know about Zack Snyder working on the Norse project!

This is not the first time that our favorite duet, which comprises of Olivia and Zack Snyder has worked together. They were present on the sets of various projects together liker Man of Steel as well as Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. Zack has even excellently directed two of the significant films in the DC Extended Universe called The Dark Knight Returns, which is based on the comic books written by author Frank Miller.

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