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Jackass 4: What We Know So Far About Fourth Installment?

You definitely love to pull pranks on your friends and giving them such hard tasks that are fun to watch. Jackass is doing the same thing since its release and now its fourth installment in works and expected to hit the theatres soon.

Production Status

However, the production scenario of many projects is in imminent danger and been stalled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So we can’t expect filmmakers to do their amid crisis and hence Jackass is dealing with the same case and the production for the fourth edition already been stalled.

Expected Release Date

Jackass 4 has a little bit of history of modifications as originally, the flick was projected for a March 2021 release. Then it got pushed to two months, and now the final release date is set to be July 2021, so there wasn’t much a difference but still, two months wait will be such a long for some fans and if the conditions will be favorable then its more difficult to have such patience level.

Source: Looper


  • Johnny Knoxville

  • Bam Margera

  • Steve-O

  • Ryan Dunn

  • Wee Man

  • Preston Lacy

  • Chris Pontius

  • Danger Ehren

  • Dave England


Currently, there is no trailer for the fourth installment as the filming process didn’t offer much rushes to create a trailer. So we are still counting on its trailer as soon as some piece of filming is complete.

More About Jackass

Jackass is usually comprising of pranks series among a group of friends. They tend to nominate each other for a fun task, and these tasks could cross every limit of stupidity, but still, it’s fun to watch.

However, despite some dangerous tasks, the series is still a major hit as its totally based upon a reality show. The stunt prank series will tend to have more movies in the future, and almost five flicks already speculated int eh series.

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