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Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Betty’ Inspired From Phoebe’s Song?

Taylor Swift’s new album released!

Taylor Swift amazed millions of her fans worldwide when she released her eighth Folklore studio album. The song Betty from Taylor Swift’s latest Folklore album features a hidden Easter Egg that some Swifties have recently discovered. This Betty Song fan theory has gone viral on social media in no time.

The album has not only captivated fans but has also been loved by critics. Taylor Swift’s folk album has a more captivating vibe that has helped the singer connect with a broader range of music lovers. One of the latest fan theories suggests that Taylor Swift has paid tribute to her favorite show FRIENDS through the song Betty.

Fan theories about Taylor Swift’s new album song “Betty”!

This fan theory suggests that Betty is based on one of the show’s episodes, when Phoebe Buffy sings a song about Ross, Julie, and Rachel’s love triangle. During her performance, Phoebe referred to Rachel as “Betty”.

In a recent interview with a news portal, Taylor Swift also stated that on the folk album she has written songs about a love triangle from various fictional perspectives. The timing of this interview is also seen as an important indication that Betty is a tribute to her FRIENDS. Fans of Taylor’s music and beloved sitcom Friends noted a similarity between the original songs for ‘Betty’ and Phoebe Buffay.

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The scene where Phoebe called Rachel “Betty”!

The fans of the superhit series Friends will remember the scene when Ross came back home from China with his new Chinese girlfriend, Julie, just when Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) was ready to confess feelings for him? Phoebe told the whole situation to Julie while playing a set on Central Perk.

Phoebe said, “This is a song, um, about a love triangle … that I made between three people.” The two of them kissed. It’s called last night, the two of them kissed. Then he starts singing, “There was a girl, we will call her daughter. It is also a love triangle, and Swift said he wanted this album from a fictional point of view.

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