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Is Bad Boys 4 Happening, Here’s The Details About It

Bad Boys for Life has been released in January 2020. The movie comes after two sequels of Bad Boys. The latest movie of the sequels has led the fans wondering about a future storyline continuation as Bad Boys 4.

In Bad Boys for Life, the role of Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett was performed by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, respectively. The two detectives investigate a series of assassinations after Mike Lowrey gets shot and almost killed outside a Miami nightclub. They track down a vengeful and highly-dangerous Mexican woman called Isabel Aretas (Kate del Castillo), with her killer son Armando Armas (Jacob Scipio). Meanwhile, a separate misfortune forces Mike and Marcus to rely on the task force AMMO, directed by Mike’s long-time associate Rita (Paola Núñez).

Film Received Positive Review

Bad Boys for Life has got mostly positive reviews and should grow as a box office success, which is what makes Bad Boys 4 possible to come.

After the original Bad Boys released in 1995, a full eight years moved until the sequel Bad Boys 2 released in 2003. By 2015, Sony Pictures stated that they had plans for a third movie, and even announced that a fourth movie would be produced as well. But various pre-production problems involving the directors, screenwriters, and cast held the process, and so the primary focus ultimately became Bad Boys for Life. However, Sony Pictures is officially forming Bad Boys 4, which they validated the day Bad Boys For Life released in theaters.

Storyline Of Bad Boys 4

Bad Boys 3 concludes with the discovery that Armando Armas is Mike Lowrey’s son. Before partnering up with Marcus, Mike served undercover in Mexico and developed a romantic relationship with the “stone-cold killer” Isabel Aretas. In Bad Boys for Life’s climax, Isabel falls to her death, and Mike tells the truth to Armando. Bad Boys For Life‘s post-credits scene teases a possible storyline for Bad Boys 4, as Mike explains his son about a possible chance to repay his debts to society. Bad Boys 4 would probably involve Armando operating with the AMMO task force, with the opportunity of Smith and Lawrence reprising their franchise roles.

Releasing Date

Past Bad Boys delays hinted that Bad Boys 4 would not release anytime soon, but with Sony Pictures moving forward with the development of a fourth installment of the sequel, just as the third movie hit theaters, hints that Bad Boys 4 could release in the near future.

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