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In The Hope Of Getting Superpowers, Three Boys Let A Spider Bite Them, Later Hospitalized

If you think that you have pretty much-heard everything bizarre, we here to shock you even further. This piece of news will shock you beyond limits and make you think twice about what you just read! Let us look further for all the details given below.

Three Young Brothers Were Severely Injured As They Let A Black Widow Spider Bite Them!

Apparently, Three brothers allowed a venomous black widow spider to bite them in hopes that they might gain superhero powers or maybe turn them into Spiderman! However, nothing like that actually happened and three of them were hospitalized. The whole incident happened when the brothers provoked a deadly spider to bit them.

The Three Boys Poked The Spider In Order To Gain Superpowers!

The three brothers are pretty young with aged 8, 10, and 12 tried to work out the whole thing when they found the spider while watching over their sheep in the town of Chayanta, Bolivia. The children’s mother was collecting wood at that time when the whole fiasco happened. The three young brothers tried to poke the spider with a stick before it came around and bit them.

The three young brothers let the spider bit them with an absurd idea of thinking this might turn them into Spiderman just what happened to Peter Parker in the Marvel comics. Well, while that definitely did not happen the three boys immediately suffered from severe symptoms from the spider bite that included severe, trembles, muscle pain, and vigorous sweating. The symptoms can be deadly if not treated quickly.

After The Accident, They Were Soon Rushed To The Hospital

When their mother discovered them, the three brothers were found crying out of pain and we’re soon used to the Children’s Hospital in the Bolivian capital La Paz hospital. Later they were then given a serum for the bites after which their situation improved. The boys were discharged from the hospital after five days. Head of Epidemiology of the Health Ministry, Virgilio Pietro talked about this incident while asking parents to take care of children these films have a huge effect on their minds.

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