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Hulu’s Helstrom: Check Major Updates On Release Date, Cast And Plot

Here is all that we know about the series called Helstrom at works in Hulu Studios!

Well, well, well, as of right now, news has come into the lights of various media outlets that the relatively new streaming platform called Hulu might go on and team up with the Marvel Studios to actually bring all the lovers of action films a new evil series called Helstrom.

To tell you guys, you should know that this forthcoming tale is much dark as well as grittier than what we have majorly seen in the plots of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The genre of this series excels in the department of life and act.

Here is how the Marvel series actually landed up with Hulu instead of Disney Plus!

Marvel TV's Helstrom Series Has Wrapped Its First Season
Source: superherohype.com

All this while, Helstrom could be considered as the last remaining series by Marvel which is going to launch outside Disney Plus. Previously, Ghost Rider was even supposed to come out on the streaming platform Hulu but then the idea of it was finally scratched off the table when Marvel Studios promoted Kevin Feige to look over its branch of television and Jeph Loeb, the former executive Vice President of the television department in Marvel Studios left the company. This happened in the latter half of 2019.

Here is what we know about the plot of Helstrom and some other updates!

Helstrom has made some custom changes such as dropping an L from its original title which goes by the name Hellstrom. The story of this series is going to throw the entire spotlight on the siblings called Daemon Helstrom as well as Ana Helstrom. These guys are actually the spawn sent by Satan while they also perform the task of hunting all the supernaturals.

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