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Hospital Playlist Season 2: Crucial Details Regarding Sequel Season

South Korean television series Hospital Playlist had a successful season one on the television. The series was renewed for a second season after the success of season one. The fans of Hospital Playlist are eagerly waiting for the release of season 2 of the series. The popular South Korean series also airs on Netflix.

When Will Season 2 Of Hospital Playlist Release?

The ninth highest-rated series in the history of South Korean cable television, Hospital Playlist has been renewed for a second season. The series premiered on the television in March this year. After its success, the show has been renewed. The second season of Hospital Playlist is scheduled to be released sometime in 2021. The series was renewed by tvN.

What Is The Premise Of Hospital Playlist?

The story follows the lives of nurses and doctors who work at Yulje Medical Center. There are doctors who have been friends since they joined medical school in 1999.

Hospital Playlist Season 2: When Will The a Korean Drama Return To ...

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What Can The Viewers Expect In Season 2 Of The Series?

Ik Jun had confessed his feeling to his fellow doctor Song Hwa. But he has to leave for a conference happening in Spain. Before leaving, he tells Song Hwa to take her time to decide how she feels about him. The viewers will see whether Ik Jun and Song Hwa finally come together or she decides on something else.

Seok-Hyeong has decided that he will stay and work at the hospital. He has refused to work at his father’s company. He is happily looking towards his future. But at the end of season 1, he receives a phone call from his ex-wife. The viewers will get to see why Seok-Hyeong’s ex-wife called him. Will Seok-Hyeong and his wife get back together or is she after the money he inherited after his father’s death.

What Else?

Kim Jun Wan and Lee Ik Soon’s relationship has hit a bump. Lee Ik Soon has traveled to London for further studies. Kim Jun Wan had sent her a Christmas present, but she refused to accept it. She is upset with Kim Jun Wan. Where will their relationship go will be seen in the upcoming season.

Hospital Playlist has been created by Lee Woo-Jung.

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