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Hollywood Star Jude Law Became Father For The Sixth Time

Here is what we know about the newborn baby of Jude Law who is just born!

Well, well, well, as of right now, news has come out that our favorite actor, that is Jude Law has become a father for the sixth time. Whatta Joy!

Jude, who has previously worked on very famous projects such as the iconic Sherlock Holmes, has now come out in the media and confirmed that he and his wife that is Philipa Coan have both welcomed their first baby together. But as for Jude Law, this is his sixth baby.

Here is what Jude Law said about being a father for the sixth time and that too, in a pandemic!

In an interview which was arranged by the talk show host Jimmy Fallon and invited was our very own Jude Law, he was asked about what he has been doing at home all this time amid the period when the whole world is blinded by the blanket of this pandemic which has been created by the fatal Corona Virus.

As an answer to this question he first revealed that he has been gardening and then he went on to say that on top of everything, he is having a baby so here we go.

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Jude says he and Coan are feeling blessed!

Jude, who is 47 years in age said that it is really wonderful and shared with the world about how he and his wife are both feeling blessed and that they both could just nest as a family together.

Although, he surely noted that it was an unusual birth given the kind of time we are all stuck in.

Here are where the other five children of Jude Law are at!

As for Philipa Coan, this is her firstborn child. Jude Law shared three children with his former wife, that is, Sadie Frost and they are Rafferty Law who is 23 years in age, Iris Law who is 19 years in age, and Rudy Law who is right now 18 years in age.

Other children of Jude Law includes Sophia Law who is 10 years in age with Samantha Brooke and her other daughter Ada Law who is 5 years in age with his ex Catherine Harding

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