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Hollywood: Ryan Murphy’s Classic Won’t Return For Season 2 On Netflix?

Ryan Murphy’s latest flashy drama hit Netflix as Hollywood this month.

The period drama series takes place in the Golden Age of Tinseltown and follows a group of young talents to succeed in show business.

Netflix was looking for an aspirational series when Ryan Murphy gave the streaming giant his next idea. “A lot of dystopian shows have happened recently, and I think this is a very utopian show,” says co-producer, executive producer, and writer Hollywood Hollywood Reporter, his limited series is now airing on Netflix.

Murphy doesn’t realize how real Hollywood is to the rest of the world: Hollywood will appreciate the escapist and optimistic message when it is released months later amid the global coronavirus pandemic. “We have an adjustment period [ahead] and I think it will take a little while until things are back to normal,” he said during a conversation ahead of the Hollywood launch on May 1.

Hollywood season 2 on Netflix?

Hollywood Season 2 has not been confirmed by Netflix and the show was initially sold as a limited series.

However, after the success of the series, producer Ryan Murphy does not rule it out.

Writing on Instagram, Ryan responded to a fan after the season.

He commented: He wrote in response to a fan asking for a comeback: “Well, Hollywood was planned as a limited series, but it has become so popular that everyone is asking for a second season. It used to be.

“Then who knows? However, I really love this cast. Xo.”

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