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Hocus Pocus 2: When Will It Arrive And Will Sarah Jessica Parker Return For It?

According to star Sarah Jessica Parker, an original member of the original cast of Hocus Pocus, is eager to return for part 2. The sequel to the beloved Halloween classic will come almost three decades later after the original movie bombed at the box office before developing a cult following among Disney Channel enthusiasts. A follow-up movie wouldn’t be the same without the original Sanderson sisters, making it a relief to know that they are all interested in getting back to their roles.

Now, there is a Hocus Pocus 2 in the works that will likely include the original cast in some way, and it will launch on Disney’s new Disney + streaming service. Here you have to know each update.

Hocus Pocus 2: Release Date:

While fans of the original may be eager to see Hocus Pocus 2, development is slowing down. However, with the sequel now moving fast and ready to stream on Disney +, and with Disney wanting to spend hundreds of millions of dollars creating original content for the service, the Hocus Pocus 2 may be fast. The possibility of a coronavirus pandemic has eliminated any expected releases by 2020, although production may still begin before the end of the year, given the start of 2021.

Will Sarah Jessica Parker Return For It?

A new version of Hocus Pocus has been hanging around for years, ever since it has found new life in the eyes of religious observers and Disney over the holidays. Betty Midler, who played the role of Winnie, said she was set for a follow-up in November 2014. There was also a move toward making a new Disney Channel original movie, but it was ultimately unsuccessful.

Hocus Pocus 2: When Will It Arrive? Who Is In The Cast? Plot And ...

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The biggest development occurred in October when it was revealed that a Hocus Pocus sequel would roll over to the Disney + streaming service. It’s unclear whether or not the original cast will be included in that sequel. But Parker ready to return to the sequel.

Hocus Pocus 2: Other Details:

The return of the Three Witches will be the most important casting development for Hocus Pocus 2. That said, it wouldn’t be the same essence without a few other supporting cast members, which Parker didn’t mention in his comments. For example, Doug Jones has already expressed interest in recreating his role as Billy Butcherson in a sequel, but there is no evidence that the creative team behind the sequel is interested in bringing him back (until now).

Hocus Pocus 2 development is still in its infancy, with most public development in recent months. There is a writer, a director Adam, and a stage, but very few. And despite Parker’s upbeat comments, there is no guarantee that the original witches will return to Salem for another round of hilarious Halloween horrors. However, as one of the most famous actresses on the planet, Parker’s words weigh heavily; If she says the original witches want to rejoin for Hocus Pocus 2, it should become an expectation.

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