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Here’s How Zac Brown Is Enjoying His Quarantine With His Kids

Father of 5 kids has been spending a lot of time with his children at the moment as he is at home due to the pandemic, everybody is stuck at home with their family and children, and this is the best time to re-connect and spend time with your loved ones and Zack is doing precisely that.

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Zack was born in Georgia; he has always been passionate about singing and started his label back in 2003, which is now called ‘Southern Ground.’

Zack’s debut single is called ‘Chicken Fried’ well, that’s an unusual name, he learned to play guitar at a very young age and of course, he is very talented.

Zack is happily married, and his five kid’s names are Georgia, Alexander, Frost, Joni, and Lucy.


In an interview, Zack mentioned, ‘I put my kids first always, and I put them first when I’m making my schedule, but it’s kind of erratic.’

He added saying, ‘So to be home and just be super present and consistent with my kids has been great for them, and it’s been great for me.’

Zack owns a large property outside Atlanta, so he shared that he and his kids have been playing a lot of games, going on scavenging hunts and riding his land Cruiser on his land, Zack’s son Alexander recently celebrated his sixth birthday, and the family planned some special for him, they decored the house in a Fortnite theme and had a party, we would have loved to go to this party.

Even though He had a divorce with her ex-wife, he said that she is the best mother and he loves spending time as a family, and he also mentioned that his favorite part is when all five of them go to bed after a fun day he planed for them.

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