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Hellboy Director Guillermo del Toro Said He Wanted To Make Frankenstein Movie Series

Here is what we know about the Mexican director named Guillermo del Toro wanted to go on and do a Frankenstein project!

Well, well, well, all the people love his films are well aware of the fact that Guillermo del Toro is a Mexican filmmaker as well as an author. He has his career running for decades now and has worked excellently on several projects that have never even gone beyond the stage of production.

Some of these works have fallen into the grasp made by the hell of development and have been 0resumed canceled while the other left ones have been taken over and switched the filmmakers during the process itself.

Here is what the director has revealed regarding doing a Frankenstein project in the first place!

Back in 2014, it was mentioned, or you can say, hinted by Guillermo del Toro that he dreams about doing a project regarding Frankenstein. All this while, he also disclosed the information that Donna Langley from the Universal Pictures had even applied to him for direct one such exceptional project or tale.

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Well, after it, you might all be wondering what happened to this Frankenstein story, right? Because so are we. No official plans were ever updated after this into the social media and no one what happened.

When will Guillermo del Toro is finally going to do this particular Frankenstein project?

Guillermo del Toro just simply stated the fact that if he ever gets a chance to do a Frankenstein project, then he would want to finish it with all his focus on the work and nowhere else. Everything will be exclusive as he will make the film hie the most significant projects.

But the real unanswered question is when? We do not even know if the project has been scrapped off from the table or is it still sitting there high. Yet all his fans have gestured their longingness for such a work by Guillermo, and everyone wants him to do it as soon as possible.

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