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Hawkeye: What Exactly Happened With Its Filming?

With the end of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering into a new phase. In collaboration with Disney+, Marvel Studios is making web series on various superheroes who are a part of the Avengers. After The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, MCU is planning on making a web series on the archer Hawkeye.

What Is The Status Of Hawkeye?

The ongoing pandemic has pushed Marvel’s plan to launch its fourth phase. The studio has postponed the release of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. But things are moving ahead for Hawkeye. Marvel Studio has hired three directors to work on the upcoming web series. Katie Ellwood and Amber Finlayson, along with Rhys Thomas, will direct a few episodes of Hawkeye.

The upcoming web series is in the pre-production phase, with the production work scheduled to commence in September this year. There can be a delay in the starting of the production work due to the spread of coronavirus.

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Who Will Be A Part Of The Cast Of Hawkeye?

Jeremey Renner will return to Marvel Cinematic Universe as Clint Barton or Hawkeye. Marvel Studio is still to reveal the details of the remaining cast members.

There were rumors that Hailee Steinfeld was approached to portray the role of Kate Bishop, but, later it was reported that the actress would not be a part of Hawkeye.

What Is The Premise Of Hawkeye?

With Hawkeye, Jeremey Renner will get his standalone series under the MCU. Clint Barton will step down as Hawkeye. He will train Kate Bishop to take his place. The series will also explore Clint’s history as Ronin and his life with his family. The makers of the show have not revealed any details regarding the storyline of the upcoming web series. Hawkeye will begin after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

What Else Is Known About Hawkeye?

Marvel Studio revealed about the upcoming web series at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con Festival. Recently, the series got a working title of Anchor Point. Jonathan Igla will serve as the writer of the series.

Marvel Studio plans on launching Hawkeye on Disney+ in 2022.

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