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Hangover 4: Will A Fourth Part Ever Come? Deets Inside

Will There Be A Fourth Part Ever Of Hangover?

We are not going to see the fourth part of this movie. The last part of the Hangover movie was the third part, which was released seven years ago. The Hangover was released in 2013 for the first time. Legendary Pictures produced Hangover and was released by Warner Bros. Pictures which lead Hangover to hit the screen harder.

The third part was the final part of the movie, and the creators have already revealed that it was the third part. The film has a huge fan base. This is why fans demand the fourth part, but the creators are already being told that they won’t do the fourth part based on the hangover trilogy: The Hangover.

Part 3 of The Hangover was already announced prior to the release of Part 2. It is clear that Part 4 will not be renewed because we have already received some news if Part 4 will come. The final part of the film was released on July 23, 2017, as we have no news about the fourth part.

Hangover 4: Are We Getting The Fourth Part Of The Comedy-Thriller Soon
Source:- NewsReaderWeb

Who all will be cast if Hangover 4 is possible?

The following are expected to been cast in the 4th sequel of Hangover happens ever:-

  • Zach Galifianakis playing as Alan Garner
  • Bradley Cooper playing as Phil Wenneck
  • Ed Helms playing as Dr. Stu Price
  • John Goodman playing as Marshall
  • Mike Epps playing as Black Doug
  • Sasha Barrese playing as Tracy Billings
  • Mike Vallely playing as Nico
  • Melissa McCarthy playing as Cassie Garner
  • Oscar Torre playing as Officer Vasquez
  • Jonny Coyne playing as Hector
  • Gillian Vigman playing as Stephanie Wenneck
  • Jeffrey Tambor playing as Sid Garner
  • Jamie Chung playing as Lauren Price
  • Justin Bartha playing as Doug Billings
  • Heather Graham playing as Jade
  • Crystal the Monkey playing as a drug-dealing monkey

So as expected if Hangover 4 happens as reported from our close source all the cast would be the same for the 4th sequel too. Rest hope for the best to happen.

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