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Hancock 2: Possibilities Of Sequel And Other Details

Hancock arrived in 2008, and it has been nearly 12 years, but fans have not yet lost any hope, Hancock was able to deliver a great story to fans, and the audience was very engrossed into the movie, and yet we never saw a sequel of Hancock, this is a little odd.

Today we will talk about all the possibilities if Hancock 2 can still be a possibility.

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Hancock was directed by Peter Berg, and it starred Smith, Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman, the movie talked about a superhero with big action, unique powers, and a complicated past just the perfect pitch for a superhero movie.

Numerous reports mentioned that Hancock 2 would be a high possibility, but still, we have never heard anything substantial till now.

Hancock did pretty well theatrically, so not bringing it back because it didn’t earn money can be out of the question, it had a decent weekend opening with $62.6 million domestically. It left the theater with approx $150 million budget and made a whopping $624.3 million globally.

According to old news, Hancock made some progress in 2009 when both Smith and Charlize signed on for a sequel, and fans were incredibly excited as the entire cast would be back for a sequel, but the movie never went through.


The last time we heard something about Hancock 2 was in 2009 when Peter Berg commented that everybody is busy with other project. Hancock will probably have to wait, well for all the fans of Hancock, we just have remorse as we may never see a sequel to one of the most amazing movies of all time.

That is all for today. We will keep fans updated if, in future, Hancock ever returns for a sequel until then continue reading with us.

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