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GTA 6: Has Rockstar Games Teases A Release Date For Most Awaited Game

The developer of Grand Theft Auto is Rockstar Games’ biggest franchise, and GTA Online’s continued success basically requires it to one day be GTA 6. To date, Rockstar has not officially announced the game, but rumors, suggestions, and suggestions to outwit teens.

GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games on the horizon, but fans are still waiting for official news about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. After the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018, Rockstar in 2019 was expected to reveal what their next project is.

The expected release date for GTA 6:

In late May 2020, it was speculated that GTA 6 could be released around 2023, as Take-Two Interactive’s financial statement was increasing marketing spending at the time, though the publisher denied that was the case. During all of this, the new Rockstar and Video Game Deluxe partnership was not mentioned in any report, so it is not related to GTA 6.

Rockstar has been working on GTA 6 since 2014, 'huge' map at ...
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Next Generation Projects from Rockstar Games:

Video Games Deluxe recently announced that Rockstar is releasing an AAA open-world virtual reality game. Video Game Deluxe has previously introduced L.A. Noire: Virtual Reality Case Files, and “continues to work exclusively for Rockstar in Sydney.”

While this may seem promising for GTA 6, it is highly unlikely that this little studio is taking on that project. It is much more likely that they are developing GTA 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2 for VR since creating a new game in the VR engine would be an incredibly heavy task. However, nothing is impossible, as shown with the release of Half-Life: Alex.

Based on previous Rockstar announcements, the studio generally announces a game about a year before the anticipated release. For both Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, the title was revealed and planned to release within a year, but both delayed significant amounts before release. With this information, players can wait longer before playing GTA 6, as the trailer will likely be released only after GTA V runs on the next-gen console. This does not mean that Rockstar has not been working on GTA 6 for a while.

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