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Group Of Columbia Soldiers Accused Of Allegedly Physically Abusing A 13-Year-Old Girl

A group of soldiers is accused of assaulting a teen girl

A group of soldiers in Colombia accused of physically molesting a 13-year-old indigenous girl earlier this week, prompting the authorities to criminalize the soldiers and terminated them from the army.

Prosecutor Francisco Barbosa announced Thursday that his office has accused six soldiers of molestation and a seventh soldier as a partner

The newspaper described the crime as “gang molestation”.

The soldiers confessed their crime

All seven people admitted guilt in an early hearing this week, which was stopped to the public, according to the reports.

Barbosa said in a written statement that the soldiers were ashamed of their “military uniform and the dignity of their childhood in Colombia”.

About the victim

The victim from the native Ampera community and lived with his mother and siblings in the northwestern part of the country known as Resarralda.

The authorities said that the assault occurred on Monday after the victim’s disappearance, which popped a huge concern among his family, according to Lejandrina Pastor of the Organization Nacional Indígena de Colombia, a group that brings together the Colombian indigenous population.

The Colombian general, Eduardo Zapatero, who commands the Colombian army, denounced any assault “in which soldiers could indulge” and said that the alleged attack “does not show the moral behavior” of the country’s armed forces.

Army spokesman Colonel Sandra Garcia told the newspaper that the army will not provide lawyers to the accused because the charges “have nothing to do with their work as soldiers.”

Charges against the crime

Although the molestation charges are worrying, they are not unprecedented for Colombian soldiers, who have long been accused of mistreating the natives and the poor.

The pastor said it helps indigenous women across the country track down and report military attacks. He said the latter case was intended to send a message.

Face soldiers from 16 to 30 years in prison.

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