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Google Doodle Celebrates Japanese Annual Festival ‘Tanabata’

Google Doodles are cute and sweet to watch, which makes us remember some significant events from the past, which have made a positive impact on our lives. And same is the case with this Google Doodle that is celebrating a Japanese tradition this time. It is called Tanabata that shares its history beyond 2000 years old and is celebrated annually in Japan.

What Does Tanabata Signify?

Tanabata means The Star Festival that commemorates the love of two lovers who got separated because of the Milky Way. Generally, all the Google Doodles are made available for the worldwide audience. However, this particular doodle can only be seen in Japan.

Google It And Enjoy The Festival Virtually

However, not to worry since you can Google out the same and see how it looks. This historical event is now celebrated in the whole of Japan by writing down their wishes on colorful strips of paper and hang it to a bamboo tree to get them fulfilled, which is then followed by firecrackers lighting up the sky.

Japanese People Create Their Own Milky Way Galaxy

In some other places in Japan, people even create their own Milky Way galaxy by lighting thousands of lights near the river to portray its historical significance. The story holds two lovers, a princess and a shepherd, who neglected their own work after living together with each other. This enraged the king who separated the two with a condition to reunite once in a year. This is how the tradition is following since then to remember the two lovers.

Google Doodle For Tanabata

Source: YouTube

Google Doodles is a great way to show creative and colorful representations which make us get to know some useful things and has now become a trend that is going well for Google. If you look at the image mentioned above used as a GIF by google, it depicts everything that is signified by this occasion. Google has never failed to amuse the viewers with its amazing Doodles that are created for all the significant events that take place in the world.

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