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Games That Could Still Be Playable For Lifetime

Many Games leave a mark in history and its fans never want them to end. However, some of them disappeared as the developers shifted their focus to other games but some of them still remain their cores in terms of a specific genre. We will talk about some games which could remain in the hearts of fans for a lifetime and they never get bored of them.

Rainbow Six Siege

The tactical FPS is one of the best shooting games and still on top after its release which was 7 years ago. Rainbow Six Siege is getting modified every three months and there is a massive boost in its users for three years. So this must be an indication that the game is improving a lot and will do wonders after a long period of time. Some gamers tipped that if the developers treating the game in same way, it could last more than 10 years on the top level and this could be a bigger aspect of Rainbow Six Siege.

Call of Duty Warzone

The free Battle Royale edition by Call of Duty caused havoc among gamers after its launch. Whether its the gameplay or regular updates, the game is always surrounding by controversies and Cross-Platform making it more vulnerable to be bashed. But the developers tipped that Warzone will be the same, despite the new releases of the Call of Duty franchise. Recently it is cleared that after the launch of the Cold War, Warzone will get modified according to Cold War engines and mechanics. So this could be a treat for the fans as Battle Royale is going nowhere.


PlayerUnknown’s Battleground also tipped to be on the same level for the next 5 years and so on. Developers already mentioned that they are taking measures to make PUBG a long term game that never ends. So PUBG could also be there in the next 5 to 6 years as it’s already past its three years within the regular updates in graphics, textures, and maps. Unreal Engine 5 is about to implement in PUBG which makes it ready for the current-gen game wars.

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