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Full Harry Potter Movies Are Available To Stream On HBO Max For The Fans

In an unexpected development, all eight Harry Potter films are now available for viewing through HBO Max on its release day:

Surprisingly, all eight Harry Potter films are available for broadcast via HBO Max on its release day. Released from 2001 to 2011, Yu.K. Rowling’s best-selling fantasy novels were extremely profitable for Warner Bros. Most of them were equally well received and remained a popular lottery, as they were available for viewing at home. In the hope of satisfying this requirement, NBCUniversal has reached an agreement with WB to broadcast films on NBCU networks since 2016.

HBO Max launches with all eight Harry Potter movies included ...

Prior to the release of the streaming service, HBO CEO Max Kevin Reilly said that acquiring rights to Harry Potter films was “one of the priorities.” It is expected that in the near future the films will go to the new streaming service Peacock (which will be released this summer across the country) at NBCU. Instead, HBO Max users were surprised to find that they were already available for service this morning, May 27th.

HBO Max has a section of Harry Potter:

On the main page of the HBO Max application, there is a section “Harry Potter: all 8 films. Release the magic from beginning to end, “where users can broadcast the entire series. See the screenshot below for proof.

All the "Harry Potter" Films are Now Available on HBO Max for a ...

It is currently unclear whether WarnerMedia has reached an agreement with NBCUniversal on granting rights to the Harry Potter film or simply bought it. In both cases, there is a smart move on the part of the first. HBO Max is embroiled in an ongoing war at a time when the competition is fiercer than ever: services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney + are setting a record among coronavirus virus blockers. In fact, it does not have exclusive content to watch at the time of its release (of course, nothing compared to, say, The Mandalorian), so something like Harry Potter films should be useful for the service. The series was never available for streaming through the platform, making HBO Max the main source for The Boy Who Lived and his adventures in the digital market.

Which other movies will be added?

Since Disney + is the largest Disney brand (Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and the various movies and TV shows that the company acquired from Fox), WarnerMedia hopes to create HBO Max as the only store for the popular WB brands such as DC and Harry Potter. They still lose a lot of DC movies and TV shows but intend to add them in the coming months, along with Zach Snyder Justice League and Green Lantern. The agency will also add the Fantastic Beasts series of prequels outlets (including The Crimes of Grindelwald), which, combined with the Harry Potter films, will force them to go to the Rowling Wizarding World.

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