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Friends OR How I Met Your Mother: Which Was A Better Show According To Fans?

Friends and How I Met Your Mother are the two most famous shows. The popularity of Friends and How I Met Your Mother continues in the broadcast age. Fans of these two shows continued to binge regularly in the ten seasons of the first and the subsequent nine seasons. But which was a better show according to fans? Here’s everything we know.

Which show had better dialogues?

Friends writers did a great job jumping from one heartbeat to another in their dialogue. There were many jokes in each scene, but the dialogue always felt like a more or less natural conversation between friends. Friends and How I Met Your Mother both included memories of the characters’ college days. In both cases, the fashion styles of the younger characters were fun, from Ross’s mustache to Ted’s curly hair Chandler’s haircuts to seals, but overall, HIMYM’s flashbacks have worked better.

Who was better Joey or Barney?

Joey Tribeni and Barney Stinson are the women addict characters of their respective shows. Joey was hardly a role model: he once said, “How are you?” A video featured Baby Emma, ​​who was shown on her 18th birthday (when she was in her fifties), but was not as abusive as Barney. Barney’s treatment of women was absolutely terrifying.

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Which show has a better plotline?

Friends and How I Met Your Mother took sharp left turns at their ongoing lectures, which surprised fans. In friends, Monica and Chandler slept together. In the show, HIMYM, the death of Marshall’s father, Stella dropping Ted on the altar, and Lily temporarily breaking her engagement to Marshall. These turns were more unpredictable and more difficult than the friend turns.

Which show had great romance?

Both the shows had an intermittent romance between their two main characters. Friends include Ross and Rachel, while HIMYM introduces Ted and Robin. The fans appreciated Ross and Rachel of the show Friends more than Ted and Robin of the show HIMYM. At the end of the series HIMYM, Ted and Robin keep breaking up and then kissing and getting back together and then breaking up again.

Now you know which show did better!

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