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Fortnite: Potential Music Artists Contenders To Feature

Battle Royale Games mainly famous for its immersive gameplay and realistic elements. But Fortnite is a complete composure of fantasy and surprising constituents which makes the game more interesting. Fortnite is available for free on every possible platform and have a large user base.

But the most interesting thing about Fortnite is the appearance of famous personalities according to demand. Likes of Thanos, Aquaman, Avengers are already made their potential appearances in the game. This is not it, the game also brought the likes of Marshmello and Travis Scott for an online concert and Marshmello one created history as he is the first one who played in an online game.

Now there are many famous singers who could make Fortnite more exciting by giving a performance of the lifetime.


Weeknd is the most demanding artist currently and his appearance in Fortnite will be an icing to the cake. However, he most likely to tipped to be the next artist who could be on board for the next online concert.

Adam Levine- Maroon 5

Who doesn’t love Maroon 5, the lead Adam Levine’s vocals are just a pure joy to listen and fans are always looking forward to it. So he could be a potential contender to perform live on Fortnite.

Calvin Harris

According to some reports, Calvin Harris already approached to make a concert appearance in Fortnite. He got a major hype after his collab with Rihan for This is What You Came For, so his appearance could be imminent in the game.

Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike is already on board for his appearance in Fortnite on September 12, 2020, at 5 PMĀ ET. So get ready with your controller to hop on the beats of Dominic Fike.

Digital Concerts could be the next big thing as this fall’s Tomorrowland also got a digital interface and fans loved the idea. So we are looking forward to the artists in Fortnite as its already declared by Donald Mustard that this is just the beginning.

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