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Former Walmart Distribution Center Employee Opens Fire That Killed Two Including The Shooter

An ex-employee openly shot fire in Wal-Mart Distribution Center

A former worker from the Wal-Mart distribution center collided his four-wheel-drive vehicle in the hall of the building on Saturday and opened fire, killing one person and injuring others before the police clash hit him and shot him.

The suspect died after hospitalization

The suspect, Louis Lane, 31, died in the hospital. The Tihama County Sheriff’s Administration said he was expelled from Red Bluff Center, California in February 2019 for not participating in the job.

The administration of Brigadier General Martin Harrow-Lozano, 45, an employee of the center, identified the victim who was killed and said four other people were injured.

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About the incidence:

The accident started around 3:30 pm. Saturday when Lin reached the center. Witnesses said they saw him drive his car four times before driving the SUV to the entrance. The police department said the car caught fire when it collided, Lynn came out with a semi-automatic weapon and opened fire.

Sheriff’s assistant Phil Johnston said Lin had shot the building and parking lot indiscriminately before the Red Bluff police officer arrived. Agent Lin and Lin exchanged fire until a second officer arrived shortly thereafter. This officer also traded fire with Lin, who was injured. The accident was over six minutes after the first 911 calls.

Johnston claimed that at least one person was hit by a Lynn car.

The officers are figuring out the number of shot fired:

The police have not yet determined how many shots have been fired. Red Bluff police chief Kyle Sanders said Lin shot his officers “several times”.

A spokesman for Dignity Health North State said four patients were in satisfactory condition at the St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff.

No one on charged in connection to the shot.

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