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Florida Woman Who Coughed On Patient Is Arrested

A Florida based woman is booked for purposely coughing on a cancer patients face

A Florida woman was arrested on Saturday for assault and crime for alleged coughing on the face of a cancer patient a few weeks ago.

On June 23, Heather Sprague reportedly recorded a brawl with 52-year-old Debra Hunter at 1 Imports Pier in Jacksonville. Sprague reportedly noted that Hunter was verbally abusing the store employees for an item she wanted to return but that she did not have in her possession.

The whole incidence was captured in CCTV footage

Sprague was standing a few meters from Hunter when Hunter dropped her. Hunter heard a saying, “I think I’m going to get close to you and cough like this?”

Hunter came close to Sprague did exactly the same as she said.

After the Sprague cough, Hunter emerges from Pier 1 with two children in tow.

Sprague said in a Facebook post that she is a brain tumor patient being treated at the Mayo Clinic. Sprague, who was wearing a mask at the time, was reportedly told the police that she was immunocompromised and not feeling well in the days following the accident.

Charges against Hunter

Hunter was released from prison on the same day as her arrest without bail. Her indictment is set for August 19.

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