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Florida Woman, 22, Who Went Missing Found Dead After A Month

A Florida bases woman who vanished one month ago is found dead

Police found the body of a 22-year-old Florida woman who disappeared for a month and said the main suspect of her death and disappearance is already in prison on other charges.

Thakeria Adderly was reported missing from the lakes region on June 30th. Her body was discovered early Wednesday morning in dense vegetation by dog handlers who train their dogs.

The autopsy reports revealed that she was killed

The coroner’s office performed an autopsy on Thursday and revealed that it was a homicide.

Adderly’s vehicle was found abandoned on July 10 and car tests led them to 21-year-old Christian Darrach.

Charges against the suspect

Lakeland police interrogated Darrach that day and arrested him on charges of theft, burglary, tampering with evidence, and violation of probation.

Police said Darrach was “the main person of interest” in Adderley’s death and disappearance, adding that an investigation is underway.

Darrach is detained in Polk County Prison.

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