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Female Cancer Patient Died During Treatment As Surgeon Failed To Acknowledge The Surgery

A 66 years old woman cancer patient died following being set on fire while a hospital surgery in Romania.

On Sunday, the cancer patient died following pain injuries to 40 percent of her body. At the same time, doctors used an electrical tool rather than her being treated with an alcohol-based bactericide at Floreasca critical treatment hospital in Bucharest.

Linked with the ignitable bactericide caused ignition, and the victim kindled like a torch, legislator Emanuel Ungureanu stated on his Facebook page, referring medical staff.

According to the information provided by the sources, a nurse threw a bucket of water over the 66-year-old woman to save the December 22 fire from spreading.

The health department pledged to investigate the ‘unfortunate occurrence.’

Officer minister Horatiu Moldovan revealed that the doctors should have been conscious that it is prevented from using an alcohol-based disinfectant throughout operational procedures made with an electric blade.

The family of the woman told the medical staff had conversed with an ‘accident’ but refused to give information.

Notwithstanding some changes due to enhanced funding, Romania’s hospital system still faces of neglected equipment and a lack of surgeons and finds itself at the heart of repeated slanders.

In a 2015 bar fire that destroyed 64 people, 26 on-site and 38 others later. An old health minister stands charged of having procrastinated, and even prevented, the shift of burn sufferers outside.

According to the source, they finally died in ill-equipped Romanian hospitals. Still, an interrogation is continuing.

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