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Father Recorded Video While Tiger Trying To Attack His Son At Dublin Zoo

A young boy received the fright of his life when a tiger pursued him and smashed into the glass behind the boy at Dublin Zoo.

Sean, 7, probably was not as shocked as the poor tiger, who assumed he was going to get some fresh meat but instead ended up lunging into an unseen wall.

That’s must be confusing for a tiger as the wall was made od invincible glass.

Sean was visiting the zoo in Ireland’s capital with his father when they located a photo chance in front of the big cat’s room.

As Sean acted for the camera, the tiger detected that his back was turned and thought out that he might stand an opportunity of catching him out.

The tiger sneaks up from the background and bursts into a sprint. It then smashes with the toughened glass wall of the room with a loud noise.

Luckily for the boy, the invincible glass did the duty it is there to do.

Sean’s father recorded the incident. Sean’s father shared the short video of the tiger attempted attack on his son on his Twitter page.

He wrote in the caption of the video that “My son was on the menu in Dublin Zoo today.”

Rob stated that he saw the behavior of the tiger change and said that I twigged that something was about to occur.’

‘I held out my camera, and as soon as I did, the tiger went down the hill and launched at the window fairly furiously. Sean got a chuckle – it did not particularly daunt him. I chuckled hysterically.’

Since he shared the video, it’s been seen more than 500,000 times and shared 6,000 times.

He continued that As much as there was a bit of a giggle, it is also very moving as well because there is great conservation that occurs in zoos around the world, but they [the animals] are captive as well so you do have to acknowledge that as well.’

Rob stated that he is a regular visitor to Dublin Zoo, but to observe something as wild as that was ‘a little special.’

As for Sean, his dad stated that his son now ‘thinks he’s famous.’

Sean’s father further stated that I believe the incident is something that he will be happy to tell his friends at school when he’s back to school after the Christmas break.’

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