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Fatal Shooting Opened By Gunman At Louisville Protest Over Breonna Taylor Killing

A man started shooting for the killing of Breonna Taylor

A fatal shootout broke out on Saturday night in a Kentucky protest over the killing of Bruna Taylor, sources reported.

The fireman began firing in Louisville

The shooting took place in Jefferson Square Park in Louisville, where protesters were gathered peacefully before the shooting. Reports began to appear around 9:00 PM. Of fire, prompting rescuers to clear the park and take care of the victims.

Maxwell Mitchell, who is constantly flowing from the protests, shot live. Representatives from the Jefferson County Police Department tried to help one main victim but died on the spot.

Another victim of shootings was found near the park and was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries, as per police.

Protestors are not allowed in the park at night from now onwards

Protesters will not be allowed to remain in the park overnight or to install tents, but peaceful demonstrations will be allowed during the day.

“While most of the protesters in the park were largely peaceful, things changed last night when the gunfire went off,”

Mayor Greg Fisher said he was sad about the shooting.

“It is a tragedy that this region of peaceful protests is now a crime scene,” Fischer said in a statement. “My thanks to the first responders who contributed to the scene.”

The police forcefully entered Taylor’s apartment in March and then shot her at least eight times, killing her. Officers say they declared themselves and responded to the fire when her boyfriend Taylor shot them. Police were providing a search warrant as part of a drug investigation, but no narcotics were found at home.

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