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Fast And Furious 9: Outer Space Speculations

Fast and Furious is coming back with a bang and we are absolutely excited, while we are more excited for Fast and Furious 9 to be heading to the outer space, this is going to be the first time the franchise will try something like this we are absolutely thrilled to see how it works out for the,

So, without wasting time let us get into the details of Fast and Furious 9.

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Fast and Furious franchise has evolved with time more than we expected them to and we are so glad they are trying out something even newer, Michelle Rodriguez in a recent interview revealed that the franchise is taking the game up a notch and will be trying out the outer space for their 9th installment.

Well, this wouldn’t be successful without the spin-off Hobbes and Shaw that was able to put the franchise into a science fiction territory, Fast and Furious 9 will be bringing back director Justin Lin once again.

While the movie is facing an unforeseen delay due to the pandemic we can not be sure if it will be possible for the makers to finish the movie by 2021, while Michelle didn’t reveal everything about it she was equally shocked to see this question coming up in the interview as she through the plot was still being kept hidden.

Michelle also said that she is absolutely thrilled about the final outcome and urges the fans to keep calm until then, that is all we know so we will keep our readers updated on the latest news about Fast and Furious 9 until then continue reading with us!

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