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Fantastic Beasts 3: Johnny Depp’s Role In Danger Amid Amber Heard Lawsuit Controversy?

It is not a private affair any more since the allegations put by both Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard took an ugly turn. And it seems there is no stopping to it as for now. Things are getting really worse for both of them which is even causing a major impact on the profession of the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor.

What’s Happening With Production Of The Movie?

We all have been surely awaiting for Depp to reprise back his role as Grindelwald in the upcoming third instalment to the franchise.

However, it seems that it is now getting impossible, because of his ongoing legal battle with Amber. Depp had filed a defamation case against his former wife and Amber too didn’t stop herself and claimed of being a victim of domestic abuse and even shared a lot of fo evidence reflecting the same.

However, Depp never agreed to any of those allegations and continues to remain stick to his part. And now the ugly battle going between the two is affecting his career as he may not be involved this time to portray the villain.

The J K Rowling franchise is facing backlash from a lot of people as they are asking to not take the actor as it is a threat on the entire women staff who might feel threatened all the time.

Is Depp Out Of The Movie?

But what we know is that till now JK is not planning to cast Depp out and is facing severe opposition from various magazines and people. But we need to be prepared for whatever happens in the coming days since the production is yet to commence which had been put on hold amidst the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

We believe that the professional lives of both the actors should not be affected by their personal lives as it produces a huge impact on them as they have worked out really hard to achieve this level of stardom and love.from its fans.

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