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Ex High School Teacher Sentenced For 90 Days In Prison For Attempted Physical Assault On Children

On Monday, an old Arapahoe High School teacher who is 25-year-old pleaded guilty to attempted physical assault on a kid by one in a position of trust was convicted to 90 days in prison.

Other charges against Sarah Porter were removed

According to a representative for the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, as part of a plea agreement, additional charges against 25 years old Sarah Porter were removed, a source explained.

According to the information which we got from the sources, the 25 years old woman was a Spanish teacher and track coach and assistant volleyball at the south metro school.

The cruel woman worked at AHS between August 2018 and March 2019, when she was dismissed upon her arrest.

Accused sentenced for ten years in jail

In addition to the 90 days in prison, the 25 years old woman was convicted to 10 years of physical offender intense supervised probation, according to the source.

The wicked woman must register as a physical offender.

According to the details obtained by the source, the 25 years old woman was arrested in the month of March on 22 in 2019, while Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office detectives answered to the school after getting compensation from a student by the Safe2Tell recording system.

The sheriff’s office stated at the moment; the police officer got enough likely cause that the 25 years old cruel woman had attacked a 16-year-old innocent student, according to a source.

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