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Evil Son Disgusted Of Mother’s Sickness Slaughters Her To Death To Give Her Way To Heaven

As we know that the relationship between a son and a mother is very precious and careful, but if we talk about in some cases, so there are lots of incidents where the relationship between a son and a mother become wicked, which we get every year.

Here is one of the cases where an evil son disgusted of mother’s sickness slaughters her to death to give her way to heaven.

On Monday, the authority police revealed that a 30 years old man purportedly murdered his 62-year-old mother in Palghar district of Maharashtra following being fed up with her constant illness.

A cop named Rakesh Pagare explained that on Sunday, the incident happened in Tarapur city. At the same time, the 30 years old arrested called Jaiprakash Dhibhi struck his mother named Chandrawati with a massive tool while she was working in the kitchen at their house.

Further, the police revealed that after the attack of the woman’s son, she died on the spot.

After that, the police got the information on the death of the lady by her younger son, based on a complaint which did by her younger son, the police detained the attacker, and the body of a woman sent for postmortem.

According to the information provided by the sources, the authority explained that the arrested said the cop that his mother used to be always ill.

He got fed up with it, and then he decided to kill his mother so that she could gain freedom.

Moreover, the arrested has been charged under Indian Penal Code Section 302 (murder), according to a source.

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