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Evil Man Sentenced To Years In Jail For Sharing An Explicit Video Of A 9-year-old Girl

A 51 years old man has been convicted to 20 years in prison for sharing an explicit video of a 9-year-old girl.

On Monday, the 51 years old Robert Joseph Berardi pronounced guilty to one count of physical exploitation of a little girl.

Judge McCoy then imprisoned him for an assigned 20 years in state prison, according to the details obtained by the sources.

General prosecutor Wilson said, ‘This is a shocking and terrible case of abuse, so we are happy that this evil man will be locked up and punished for two years.’

‘He took this young girl’s naiveté, and she and her family will be facing the outcome and effects of this for years.’

A lady filed a complaint case in December 2016 to the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office that Berardi had sent her an explicit clip of the woman’s little girl.

Following a forensic interview and in-depth research, the girl notified investigators that Berardi physically abused the minor.

In September 2016, the man physically abused the girl when she was nine years old to the time she was ten years old, according to the information provided by the sources.

Following the capture, when the man was first questioned, Berardi denied ever seeing the video and admitting to the crimes but then confessed to sending the explicit video to the girl’s mother, according to a source.

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