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Enola Holmes 2: Netflix Drafted Plans For Sequel

Enola Holmes, the movie starring Millie Bobby Brown, is going to arrive on the broadcasting giant Netflix on September 23 this year. Even before the arrival of the mystery detective film, the subscribers of the broadcasting giant are wondering when the sequel to Enola Holmes would arrive. Here is everything we know about the possible sequel to the mystery detective film, Enola Holmes.

Enola Holmes: Is The Broadcasting Giant Planning A Sequel To Its Yet To Arrive Film?

There are reports that the streaming giant Netflix is already planning on creating a sequel to its yet to release film, Enola Holmes. With the rise in competition, the streaming giant is planning on creating a film franchise like Harry Potter for its platform, so that it has content for all the ages. Netflix is planning on creating a mystery detective film franchise through Enola Holmes. Being a detective franchise, the broadcasting giant would be able to explore the genre.

Enola Holmes: When Will The Possible Sequel Arrive On The Broadcasting Giant’s Platform?

If the broadcasting giant gives a green signal to the sequel of Enola Holmes, then the viewers of mystery detective film would have to wait till late next year or 2022 to watch the film. Due to the current global situation, the production house will not begin filming the sequel immediately.

Enola Holmes: When Is The Mystery Detective Film Arriving On The Streaming Giant’s Platform?

Enola Holmes will arrive on the streaming giant Netflix’s platform soon. The film will make its debut on September 23 this year.

Enola Holmes: What Is The Storyline Of The Upcoming Film?

Enola Holmes takes inspiration from Nancy Springer’s novel series of the same title. Enola Holmes is the younger sister of the well-known detective Sherlock Holmes and his brother Mycroft Holmes. She has lived with Sherlock and Mycroft for some time. As her mother mysteriously disappears, Enola takes it on herself to find her. While searching for her mother, Enola helps other people by solving their mysteries.

Enola Holmes: Who Are The Part Of The Mystery Detective Film?

The cast of Enola Holmes includes Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, and Sam Claflin.

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