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Elton John Celebrates 3 Decades Without A Drop Of Alcohol

Elton John is celebrating 3rd decades without a drop of alcohol! What’s the news? Here’s everything we know so far.

Elton John celebrated 3 decades without alcohol!

Elton John celebrates a very special anniversary as a “magic day”. 30 years have passed since the consumption of alcohol and narcotics. Sir Elton John, 73, has 30 years of prohibited narcotics and alcohol in his life. The British singer has now duly celebrated this special anniversary, as shown on Instagram. John describes the milestones as a “magic day”. Among other things, he received several “cute” cards and flowers from his sons Zachari and Eliza, his husband David Furnish, a support program, and friends of the staff.

John is grateful to all those who supported him!

In an apparent Instagram post, the iconic pop-rock singer admitted that he was a ‘broken man’ during his fight against substance abuse, and expressed his gratitude to the ‘selfless people’ who have kept him clean for nearly three decades. John feels like a “truly blessed man” today. But it also reveals how dire the situation was for him at the time. “If I finally didn’t take the big step and asked for help 30 years ago, I would die.” From the bottom of your heart, you would like to thank everyone who has “inspired and supported me as I am.”

Sir Elton John, 72, celebrates 29 years of sobriety | Daily Mail ...
SOURCE: Daily Mail

Elton John’s past works!

Elton is one of the best-selling music artists. He has sold more than 200 million certified units worldwide. The award-winning musician’s career has been documented in the new biographical music film Rockman, with Terron Egerton as Elton in the film. The singer entered into a civil partnership with Canadian filmmaker David Furnish in December 2005, before same-gender marriage was legalized in England and Wales in March 2014, before getting married.

Elton John is also a social worker!

Elton founded the Elton John AIDS Foundation in 1992, an organization that aims to create an AIDS-free future for people living with HIV to make the most difference possible. The foundation’s accomplishments in the past 26 years include: reaching millions of people in 26 countries with information, support and care about HIV, to save their lives and save loved ones; Prevent approximately one million babies born with the HIV virus; And helping to tap more than £ 300 million in additional funds from governments and financial partners.

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