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El Camino Sequel: Possibilities And Much More

Breaking Bad is the undisputedly the best show of all time with the highest rating. The show never failed to amaze the audience and stick to its main plotline and never got diverted with the issues happening in the story. This makes the show more unpredictable, and writers did a great job penning the script.

The story ends six years ago and then boom a feature film that happened in the name of the series. El Camino revolves around the post events of Breaking bad following Jesse’s run and his efforts to collect the money to hide once again. The flick eventually took us the memory lane of Walter White and Jesse’s bond as they featured together for two minutes; that sequence was pretty emotional for the fans. Now fans are rooting for the sequel of El Camino, and we concluded some facts about its possibilities and much more.

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El Camino Sequel

We are talking about a potential sequel, and its future is uncertain, and it could be happening or ruled out in the first place. But the most probable option for El Camino is not having its sequel as there is nothing left to the story, we know Jesse Pinkman is alive, but he already crossed all the limits to get his freedom, so he won’t risk it again and blow his cover.

So plotwise, there is nothing much left for a sequel, but we can’t get into the writer’s brain and know what could possibly happen. But like most of the chances, we are ruling out the possibility of the sequel of El Camino, and the utmost reason is the plotline of the series.

Every fan is counting on the sequel, but we are sorry to say that it can’t happen as the initial part arrived after six years of series end. However, there are not many speculations regarding the sequel, and makers also not hinted that a sequel could happen. So take it as an end of the road and hop with Jesse to bury all the secrets forever.

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